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“Yat TV” is a Russian YouTube channel that makes satirical cartoons about politics. Many of them have no subtitles and/or focus on Russian politics, so not all of them will be funny for non slav viewers. But some of them do have subtitles, and many of their shorts have no words at all, so the message is clearly conveyed. Take a gander, and if anyone knows Russian and wants to translate, please leave your links in the comments below. Thank you.

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 ?  Part of this wiki because they criticize opendoor immigration, endless war, Islam, etc.

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Popular Videos Westerners Will Understand:

“Donald Trump wins!”

“Political Mortal Kombat: Trump vs Klinton”

“Merkel Madness” (Eng Sub mirror)

” Tolerance in the big city” (Merkel Madness original)

“Кшиштоф, Мнгамба и Ахмед против референдума в Англии!” (Click CC for English)

“Terrorists & Deathly Hallows”

“Abdool & Moobarack [Pinky & the Brain parody]”

“Blackguard Angela”

“ОБАМА СПЕЛ ДЛЯ ТРАМПА | Пять минут назад cover”

“Евро-мигранты 2.0”

“Pokemon GO: democracy invasion”

“Что делает ИГИЛ в Вашингтоне? (What does ISIS do in Washington?)”

“Лайфхак: как получить ОСКАР? (Lifehack: how to get an OSCAR)”

“Americans picks up rights to Russian ‘Kikoriki’ cartoons”

Latest Videos:

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