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Tim Murdock and all his anonymous associates at “White Rabbit Radio” are the creators of the animated political satires: “Johnny Racist,” “How Whites took over America,” and the infamous “AntiRacist Hitler.”

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What is White Rabbit Radio all about?

Our objective is to expose White Genocide. Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit is an allegory designed to teach practical politics. And by practical politics we are talking about non voting politics. This always starts with a Consistent Message. Specifically our consistent message is a White Rabbit rendition of The Mantra. We call it “White Rabbit GeNOcide”. We also talk about White Rabbit issues in a unique format catering to Alternative News and Research listeners.  We offer a free podcast and a subscription service that carries on where the podcast left off.  White Rabbit Radio is five years old.

Who wrote the Consistent Message?

Bob Whitaker personally penned the Mantra. He spent his career in Washington DC doing this type of thing. You can read a little about him by clicking here. He also writes a daily blog for Whitakeroline.org. All the memes we use come from the Mantra in one way shape manner or form. [Read more…]

 ?  Part of this wiki because they question anti-white racism.

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Latest Videos:

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Latest Videos:

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