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Thomas Wictor was born in Caripito, Venezuela, and has lived in Texas, the Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Oregon, Japan, and California. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Lewis and Clark College and has worked as a stevedore, library archivist, conversational English teacher, editor of the world’s first online newspaper, voice-over actor, [Read more…]

🔴 Part of this wikii because he is a conservative musician.

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Twitter thread genius Thomas Wictor has become the latest victim of the liberal-left tech sector's war on free speech.
Atlantic senior editor David Frum was ridiculed this week for pushing a conspiracy theory about photos of suffering Gazans that he based on a crazy blog. Yesterday, Frum issued a "sorry not sorry" apology with more conspiratorial accusations. And he backed them up with another crazy blog, one that even Wikipedia won't trust.
It’s very clear now that an international leftist plot, complete with one dirty old George Soros attached, walked into a YUGE trap.

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