Teal Dear

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A lovable teal deer exposing human stupidity in all its forms using my glorious super-power of common sense…. and Google search.

Generally my content is focused around meticulously researched data (obtained from government and academic journals) and fact checking claims made by supporters of feminism and social justice although there’s a good deal of snark and sarcasm thrown in just for fun.

TL;DR: I’m your therapy animal on the internet.

🔴 Part of this wikii because he challenges marxism, anti-white racism, and anything SJW related.

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Latest Videos:

Latest Videos:

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* FOR PRESERVATION PURPOSES ONLY * Credit: Alexander Baron If you are not familiar with the phase teal deer, it is usually spelt ?tl;dr?, and means ?Too long; Didn?t read.? There is a YouTuber called Teal Deer, he spells his name TL;DR, and although he has been uploading videos since only September of last year, ? Continue reading "Teal Deer And Teal Swan"
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