Syrian Partisan Girl (مرام سوسلي)

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Maram Susli, also known as “Syrian Girl” or Mimi al-Laham, is a YouTuber and journalist whose main focus is the war in Syria. She is an Australian resident, but is a Syrian blooded “patriot from Damascus” so she has an obvious dog in the fight. Which she introspectively points out with her twitter handle. But this is also why she gives such unique insight into the situation that not many others can compete with. Due to her support of Assad’s dictatorship along with her anti-globalist rhetoric, she has obtained an Alt Right following online. At first she was pro Trump but since his post election foreign policy hasn’t matched his campaign promises, he has lost her support. Critics say she is a conspiracy theorist but fans say she provides an invaluable perspective as to why the wars in the Middle East never seem to end. Explore below and decide for yourself!
 ?  Part of this wiki because she is a freethinker that challenges the MSM on a daily basis.

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