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Politically aware Dogra Hindu. World Politics and Security Concerns, Matters of National Interest, Social activism, Philanthropy, Indian Army, Hindu festivals.

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 ?  Part of this wiki because she is a nationalist and exposes the uncomfortable truths about Islam the MSM would like you to ignore.

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Sonam Mahajan?s tweet managed to irk multiple communities like Muslims, women, labourers, mechanics and others but Swara Bhaskar?s angry tweet made things even.
Suppression of Freedom Of Speech? Sonam Mahajan, with followers of more than 40,000 account was suspended by Twitter two days ago for speaking out the truth and exposing anti-nationals. This Nationalist from Jammu, is popular in Social Media for exposing and questioning people who are hypocrite and anti-nationals. For very weird reason her twitter account ?
Twitter handle of well renowned Nationalist Sonam Mahajan (@asyounotwish) is suspended from twiiter.
Sonam Mahajan was removed from Twitter minutes after she tweeted pictures of the anti-India post shared by Dangal actress Zaira Wasim's mother Zarqa Wasim. And then, her second Twitter handle was also suspended.
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Twitter has been throttling voices of a particular ideology - Latest India News from
Dear Hindu Girls, I have a message for you. Firstly, a little about me: I'm a moderate looking, 27 yr old, independent girl. I pers...
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