Shoe0nHead (June)

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I am June aka Shoe0nhead. I live in New York. I have a bunny named Ollie.
I make socio-political commentary videos and skits about stupid things I see around the internet with a comfy oldschool webcam in my room. Basically I sit in front of a potato webcam and scream like a subhuman. Most of my family’s home movies consist of my parents telling me to sit still for 3 seconds and stop being a hyperactive camera ham. I created videos before Youtube was a thing. Before I had internet in my house. In college I majored in film/video and dropped out due to depression. But I am now doing what I’ve loved to do since I was a kid full time. It’s awesome and it’s all because of you friends.
🔴 Part of this wiki because she is anti-SJW.

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Latest Videos:

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A different kind of atheist blog.
Starting at the end of 2015, I began seeing a sharp rise of women declaring themselves to be "anti-feminist." They created Twitter accounts and Youtube channels to mock social justice warriors and feminists in similar ways that we have, even borrowing our talking points. While they may come across a

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