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Scott Adams is the cartoonist behind “Dilbert.” In recent years he has become more outspoken about his politics and switched his endorsement from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. He likes to avoid labels but many would describe him as a pro Trump libertarian. For more info read his personal bio here or explore below.
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Forget passion. Goals are for losers. Dilbert creator Scott Adams reveals his secret to climbing to the top: Suffer defeat. Lots and lots of defeat.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams responded to accusations that Melania Trump plagiarized her Republican National Convention speech.

"Today America united as a nation to decide how many alleged Trump gropes equals one alleged Bill/Hillary Clinton rape. "

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, knows the answer and has known it for years.

As most of you know, I had been endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, for my personal safety, because I live in California. It isn?t safe to be a Trump supporter where I live. And it?s bad for business too. But recently I switched my endorsement to Trump, and I owe you an explanation. So here [?]

The Dilbert creator insists he's not a Trump backer, but the way he talks about him suggests otherwise

'Dilbert' creator and Trump persuasion guru Scott Adams explains why the president has caused the end of civilization with his tweets about 'Morning Joe'. He explains more in his blog. Adams writes: "Wake up, people! It's common sense! Tweets kill! On a totally unrelated topic, I have confirmed that 30% of the public can't identify a joke without the help of a service animal." Scott Adams tells you how President Trump destroyed civilization with his Morning Joe Tweets. Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) June 30, 2017 "First there's the impact on the economy. It doesn't look like it yet -- the stock market is still very strong, consumer confidence is high, jobs are good. But I think you can see a tweet like this is going to cause people not to invest. Let's say you were going to open a new coal mine, because the government had removed some regulations, the Trump administration did. You're thinking this is looking good... and then this freakin' tweet comes out. Oh my God, no way, who's going to buy coal after this? Any economist will tell you it will just build up steam like a snowball down a hill," Adams explains in the broadcast. "You thought ISIS was defeated -- you probably saw the news today that Iraq says the ISIS caliphate is actually destroyed as of today. On the surface, this would look like a good thing, because you've probably been hoping for this day for a long time. And on the surface, it looks like President Trump gave General Mattis free reign to handle this thing, and with the help of the allies, it looks like he brought it to a fairly speedy success.. But imagine how much faster ISIS could have been defeated if Trump had never tweeted that thing about Morning joe,"he added. "You kill one person with a tweet? I don't think you can defend that. That is immoral. That is Hitler-like behavior." Link to the original broadcast on Periscope I feel bad for the half of the country with no sense of humor. They are missing quite a show. Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) July 2, 2017

By virtually all measures, Donald Trump?s presidency is a disaster, lurching from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted disaster.

?I?m healthy, single, rich, and totally free to do what I want, whenever I want. My personal life is extraordinary.?

The man who has satirized corporate culture and groupthink for nearly 30 years is agitating the groupthink on both sides of the climate change debate.

The creator of "Dilbert" wrote a skeptical blog post about the recent gas attack in Syria...

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