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I am the original daily dose of red pills creator and a MGTOW extraordinaire. I bring freedom. I’m a man going his own way also known as a MGTOW for short. My channel discusses many topics related to promoting the idea that marriage, co-habitation and long-term relationships are bad for a man’s financial, physical and emotional health. Opting out of relationships and resisting the system in a passive aggressive way is the way forward. I also criticize feminism and gynocentrism.

🔴 Part of this wikii because he challenges anti-male sexism.

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Latest Videos:

Latest Videos:

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Embittered by their experiences with rejection, a few men have made businesses out of their hate-on for women and encourage other men to channel their...
coined by J.B.S. Haldane in 1924. Sandman of course get his knowledge out of his ass, or sniffing other men?s excrement, preferablly thrown at him. Those of you who may not know an ectogenesi?
Attention, class! Today we will be discussing some important new discoveries in the field of vagina science, as reported by the Youtuber and Man Going His Own Way known as Sandman. In a new video, ?
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