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Sam Hyde is an Alt Right stand-up comedian famous for trolling Ted Talks and exposing their lack of a screening process. He is also part of the comedy troupe, Million Dollar Extreme, whose other members are Nick Rochefort and Charles Carroll. Together they created an Adult Swim TV show that was canceled for political reasons.

UPDATES since cancelation:

 ?  Part of this wiki because he is pro-Trump and satirizes the most taboo of societal norms.

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Weev, the notorious white supremacist hacker and troll, appears to lend his support to the "awesome dude" behind <i>Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace</i>. (Warning: detailed descriptions.)

Video Sam Hyde in his YouTube video "Kickstarter TV: Where Dreams Go To Die" If Twitter is to be believed, second-rate Internet comedian Sam Hyde is behind every nationally publicized shooting of the past year -- that?s more than a dozen since last October. On Wednesday, he was named by online trolls [...]

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Sam Hyde and Don Jolly write at the Daily Caller that "comedians these days, just like journalists and academics, are expected to toe an ideological line." | Entertainment

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