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Sabo is a conservative street artist active in Hollywood. Previously critical of Trump, and a big supporter of Ted Cruz during the primaries, he is now a Donald defender. His street team, Unsavory Agents, are “a Republican art movement intended to show Los Angeles that art does not belong to the Left-Wing. [Sabo’s] aim is to educate the Right on the importance of art, propaganda, and the methods by which to communicate with the youth through their culture.”

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It's all fun and games till the U.S. Secret Service comes knocking on your door.  Actually, for controversial, right-wing street artist SABO, that's when the games began.  The Los Angeles denizen, infamous for his poster of a shirtless, tatted-up, butt-smokin' Ted Cruz, was in Phoenix for the group show "Provocative...
Street artist Sabo placed his posters in very visible locations just outside the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, where the Oscars will be held.
Conservative street artist Sabo breaks put his stamp on the "Rogue One" premiere with fake movie posters titled "Rogue Won," replacing the lead with President-elect Trump.
Check out multimedia artwork from Sabo, a staunchly conservative street artist who has taken the streets of Los Angeles by storm.
Conservative street artist Sabo, a longtime supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz, told CNN last week that after months of refusing to back the Republican presidential nominee, and initially vowing to "write in Cruz," he will now be voting for Donald Trump.

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