Redpill/Blackpill Comics (Eurasian Tiger)

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“Eurasian Writer” is an anonymous cartoonist who started making comics very critical of the modern female with his “redpill comics.” After he started gaining an Alt Right/MGTOW following he changed the name to “blackpill comics” and continued his comics but with more focus on criticizing race relations in the dating world, as well as lampooning the role men play as well. As of late, both of his original comics sites have been taken down and he rarely makes comics at all.

When he does, they focus mainly on criticizing Alt Righters or exposing the problems of having half white, half asian kids. Reading his blog and finding out about his rough childhood (reminiscent of Elliot Rogers) will help to bring light into what possesses someone to devote so much time into making comics like these. Artists are oft tortured souls. And although he is still unhealthily obsessed, his efforts seem to be cathartic considering he is no longer suicidal. His political beliefs are fairly non-existent other than his disdain for the Alt Right’s yellow fever hypocrisy. But he has stated he is not against race mixing, and just wants to give info for other hurting hapas, while raising awareness. For more info explore below or read his personal bio here.

 ?  Part of this wiki because he satirizes gender and race relations from a unique perspective.

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