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Candace Owens — the voice behind the Red Pill Black website and YouTube channel — is positioning herself to be the next young popular black conservative. She identifies as a reformed liberal, a person who woke up one day and realized that conservatism is the only way to save black America.
🔴 Part of this wikii because she makes anti SJW content and fights against race baiting.

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An admixture of mindset and media
The clickable young black conservative thinks that switching political parties will cure racism — it never has
Candace Owens joins The Ford Faction to cover a ridiculous Black Lives Matter demand list. That includes, white privilege, white
[...] in many cases we are being encouraged to override our experiences in favor of indoctrination. At best, the movement denotes a selective musketeer mentality; it?s a pledge that a bad experience had by one ought to be broadcast and accepted as the reality for all, but a good experience had by one? Not once did a school teacher tell me that I ought to learn to cook and clean rather than to read and write, and for clarification, the eating disorder that I had in college had absolutely nothing to do with the urging of any man. Asking them to disregard their content in favor of a movement, isn?t a movement, it?s an agenda, and a strikingly ironic one at that; it tells us women repeatedly that we must accept our status as the weaker sex, the very notion that it claims to reject. [...] I would no longer have to be responsible for anything; Not my own lack of achievements, not my today, and certainly not my tomorrow because I could blame it all on my unfortunate status as a victim. When the enraged voices of self-serving extremists such as Lena Dunham will die down; when the conversation will shift away from the pitchfork storyline that ?all men are monsters? and when members of the movement will cease to dictate what experience, emotion and/or desire is deemed relatable. Where the understanding is that we can forge a path that lifts our daughters, without simultaneously tearing down our sons.
The clickable young black conservative thinks that switching political parties will cure racism — it never has
Nine years ago I was a senior at Stamford High School on the brink of a life-altering event. I was reluctant to report it, but the next day a teacher insisted I tell the school principal. Malloy was mayor of Stamford at the time and, for obvious reasons, the mixture of politics and race proved irresistible to journalists. The local police told me they needed to treat the case with special diligence, and they called in the FBI to help determine whether the four boys, three of whom were perfect strangers to me, had committed a ?hate crime.? The boy I believed had orchestrated the voicemails (the only one out of the group whom I had ever seen or spoken to) denied the allegations vehemently, perhaps rolling the dice that his chance political association would protect him in the end. Parents, teachers and you, the general public, felt inclined to state your opinions about me online. The NAACP held press conferences outside my high school, which I relucantly attended. Malloy?s political enemies seized the opportunity to criticize him. Did they, too, feel paralyzed with anxiety by the idea of a simple Google search? No. Because I?ll tell you something that you may not have realized about not only them, but all of us children from Generation Y. For the last year, I have worked on creating a website,, that will stop online bullying by outing the bullies. I hope it will make people think twice before they exercise their First Amendment rights online as a means to hurt others. To look me in the eye for the first time and stand with me as a leader in the fight against online bullying.
Man, it's been a busy afternoon here on the site. The last story was completely bonkers, but I thought it would make for some interesting weekend reading. Another thing that will make for some good entertainment this Friday evening? Candace Owens' new post on Jesse Singal and New York Magazine. Wow,
Blogger, vlogger and former liberal Candice Owens trashed the Black Lives Matter movement, the KKK, the media, and left- and right-wing extremists in one four-minute video. In a video titled, "I Don't Care About Charlottesville, the KKK, or White Supremacy," Owens addressed what she feels is the med...

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