Razörfist (Rageaholic)

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Razorfist, known as The Rageaholic, is a YouTube ranter and self proclaimed “Metal Head” due to his love for heavy metal music, and the fact he’s made many videos about heavy metal music, as well. Aside from his rants, another popular video series of his his known as Metal Mythos, where he talks in depth about a heavy metal band of his choice. He’s also a member of the hatebitpodcast along with Yell Kaos and AlphaOmegaSin.
Personal Bio
Born & raised the son of a preacher-man. Curbed the faith @ 14. My Thesaurus is my bible. Preaching video game reviews to the masses. God FUCKIN speed!

 ?  Part of this wiki because he is an OG in the fight against SJW creep in the arts.

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