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I write a muckraking blog called TheRalphRetort.com. We’ve broken numerous noteworthy stories…as well as some that are just for lulz. I think the community there is one of the best around, as evidenced by the comments and feedback I receive on the regular. In conjunction with the website, I also do work on YouTube.
🔴 Part of this wiki because he is an underground, DIY, rightwing journalist.

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One of Gamergate's most vocal proponents, Ethan Ralph, was arrested on two felony counts of assaulting an officer in Virginia.
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A NEW video game has been at the centre of widespread criticism from the gaming community for making all its female characters ?ugly?.
Mass Effect dev disputes false reports after woman is harrassed over Andromeda animations
Boing Boing is an icon for web progressives. But the blog's foray into games journalism via Leigh Alexander's "Offworld" is struggling.
Users are spewing hateful and misogynistic attacks at a woman believed to have worked on 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' over growing frowns directed at the game?s supposed awkward facial animations. BioWare has cracked down at the accuracy of the reports.
When it comes to GamerGate, it?s pretty clear the media has absolutely no idea what it?s talking about. From assuming they hate ?female characters in video games?, to saying its an ?alt right??
XenoKriss at Voat urged me to comment specifically on the censorship aspects of what has been going on regarding Ethan Ralph?s speech, and?
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