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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor-at-large of His articles have been featured hundreds of times on the internationally renowned Drudge and he has appeared as a guest on numerous popular radio shows, television broadcasts and podcasts, including RT, Coast to Coast AM, Louder With Crowder and [Read more…]

 ?  Part of this wiki because he is an independent journalist working to expose MSM lies, whether it’s critical of Islam or the USA’s horrid foreign policy.

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YouTube political commentator Paul Joseph Watson just released a new video (above) tackling what he sees as the unjust burden heaped onto the shoulders of Caucasian men called “white male privilege.” His fiery rant has already racked up over 64 thousand views since its publication yesterday. The term “white male privilege,” for those who don’t […]
In a revealing interview with Mitchell Sunderland over at Broadly, InfoWars Editor at Large Paul Joseph Watson confessed that he has long struggled with a "PICA eating disorder," meaning he
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Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson donates $2,000 to a US journalist to travel to Sweden.
Editior-At-Large of, Paul Joseph Watson, is a completely hypocritical idiot. Especially as it pertains to his criticisms of Gary Johnson.
Paul Joseph Watson is a vlogger and Infowars Editor-at-Large. You've probably seen him ranting about Islam in your Facebook news feed. We spoke to him.
Watson's fans include Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump administration
Oh god, not this tiresome prick again.
'Let?s great it straight I?m not flouncing, I?m not taking my ball and going home, I?m not going to start crying on camera'
If you thought the far left couldn't go farther off the deep end, we have news for you.
The right wing journalist questioned the legitimacy of an ethnically diverse BBC video.

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