Patri-Archie Comics

#ProTrump #ProFreeSpeech #Conservative
#AntiPC #AntiSJW #Cartoonist
#AntiFeminist #AntiIslam #AntiBLM #Satire

Personal Bio
“hey! i’d love to hear about what exactly it is you’re trying to accomplish with this shitshow of an internet career.”
– An adoring fan

I started Patri-Archie Comics one day for a giggle mainly to amuse myself and expected no more than a handful of /b/tards to come along and say “That’s real neat, bro” and be on their way.
What actually happened was a bombardment of attention and praise from a diverse audience including guys and gals of every ethnicity, sexual identity and background from feminist liberals to hardcore traditionalist conservatives.
It seems that my asinine comics have resonated with an audience who are quite jaded with the current state of media, journalism and the behaviour of modern “activists” and they enjoy my style of lampooning. That or you guys just like how I draw silly faces n’ shit.

 ?  Part of this wiki because he makes anti-SJW comics.

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