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Political Bio:

“Pat The Bunny” (Patrick Schneeweis), was an integral part of the folk punk scene for about two decades before retiring. He has performed in various acts, and similar to Dead Prez, toned down his rhetoric as he matured in life. For example, his earlier acts such as “Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains” are drenched in nihilistic⁽¹⁾, hedonistic⁽²⁾, and violent⁽³⁾ motifs. But as years progressed and he went to rehab, he sang about bettering oneself through sobriety and coming to terms with the fruitless actions⁽⁴⁾ of a “teenage anarchist⁽⁵⁾” throwing a “temper tantrum⁽⁶⁾.”

Nevertheless, all of his songs are anti-government and advocate revolution, albeit his later works do so in a more realistic/peaceful⁽⁷⁾ manner. Furthermore, his earliest songs ennobled suicide and self destructive behaviors⁽⁸⁾, whereas his more recent stuff portrayed those lifestyle choices remorsefully and with sprinkles of motivation⁽⁹⁾ thrown in. Similar to the way a recovering alcoholic shares their most embarrassing stories⁽¹⁰⁾ for the sake of cathartic introspection⁽¹¹⁾, and so that others in recovery can benefit from the lessons learned. He even started to portray belief in a higher power⁽¹²⁾ as a positive thing⁽¹³⁾, when at first he scoffed at it⁽¹⁴⁾ and (ironically) hailed satan⁽¹⁵⁾.

He only just recently retired so knowing where he stands politically is impossible until new statements come out. But based on his trajectory and latest interviews, it is reasonable to speculate that he is making his way further to the right, and closer to the top on the political compass. The place that many punks end up in their old age. 😉

Pat’s most recent interview, discussing Karl Marx v.s. Mikhail Bakunin:

 ?  Part of this wiki because he is straight edge and an open minded anarchist. 

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“Pat the Bunny at The Empire 3/14/15”

“Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Ain’t Nobody’s Business”

“Ramshackle Glory – 4 – From Here Till Utopia (Song For The Desperate)”

“Pat ‘The Bunny’ Schneeweis – We Are All Compost In Training”

“Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains – Harmony Parking Lot”

“Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains – Church Hymn For The Condemned”

“Pat ‘The Bunny’ Schneeweis – Teenage Anarchist”

“Pat The Bunny & Ceschi – This City Is Killing Me Pat The Bunny feat. Ceschi (2016)”

“Pat ‘The Bunny’ Schneeweis – I’m going Home”

“Wingnut Dishwashers Union – Jesus Does The Dishes”

“Johnny Hobo & the Freight Trains – Election Song”

“Fuck Every Cop – Wingnut Dishwashers Union”

“Pat the Bunny Song for a Netflix Account lyrics”

2016 thoughts on anarchy
2013 thoughts on anarchy
2012 thoughts on anarchy
2011 thoughts on anarchy

“I want freedom, not a boss
That comes in a forty ounce bottle of anything or taped scotch paper.
I eat meat and drive trucks and shoot guns and don’t trust in the federal government to solve our problems.
You might think I’m joking, but I’m not a republican.
Call me when your president pulls out of Afghanistan,
‘Cause that’s the day I’ll get a cell phone number and you can call and leave a message on voice mail that day! ”

From “We Are All Compost In Training” by Ramshackle Glory

“But I take the beauty of chaos over ugly perfection

Nothing scares me as much as the fact that I don’t give a shit for redemption
But that’s okay ’cause if it’s where Limbaugh goes then I don’t even want any part of heaven”

From “Church Hymn for the Condemned” by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

“I hate to admit it, but most days I wake up and follow the laws. I used to dream my beliefs would lead me onto barricades with molotovs, but mostly they lead me straight to a line at the post office to send zines to someone behind bars.

Some just talk a good game—I can’t even do that. Some just want to look cool—-I don’t even wear black. Some just want an excuse for crime and destruction. I’m too afraid to shoplift, because last time I got busted.”

From “The City Is Killing Me” by Pat The Bunny feat. Ceschi

“We’re kids building models of a world that we might wanna live in.
And sorting feelings in our stomach–is this liberation or starvation?
But have we made it anywhere at all if the dishes are never done?
If we can’t live without dishwashers, how could we live without cops?
And so you’re asking me, who does the dishes after the revolution?
Well, we do our own dishes now, we’ll do our own dishes then.
And it’s always the ones who don’t who ask that fucking question.

Well I don’t believe in God, but I’m also not an Atheist.
Because the universe is chaos, but chaos picks favorites.
And lately I’ve been thinking about how I love Jesus
because Jesus was a dirty homeless hippie peace activist.”

From “Jesus Does The Dishes” by Wingnut Dishwashers Union

“Five years ago I was broken enough to just shut the fuck up.
I got sober by going to rehab, not arguing so much for once.
Punk rockers ask me how I did it, hoping for an easier way.
And would you, and would you believe that they don’t like what I have to say?
I pray as much as an atheist can, and then I walk home!”

From “I’m Going Home” by Pat The Bunny

“Today is the dawn of the draft. And tomorrow we’re shipped off to Iraq. Or else we’re cutting off a toe. Praying that we won’t have to go.

I can’t believe that bastard won this morning. It’s the kind of night for vodka and forties! Who’s ready for the war tonight? Who’s ready for the war tonight?”

From “Election Song” by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

“I lay down an awful wreck, mumbling to myself about the government again. Maybe postmodernism’s just an extended tantrum about how we don’t have our flying cars yet. I want nothing, nothing from them. I’d smash every machine if I didn’t have one.”

From “Song for a Netflix Account” by Pat The Bunny

“I fell in love again that time that you said
‘Fuck every cop that ever did his job!
and fuck every bank that never got robbed!
And fuck all the other banks, especially mine.'”

From “Fuck Every Cop (Who Ever Did His Job)” by Wingnut Dishwashers Union

“And I know that Rome wasn’t burnt in a day, but it couldn’t have been more than a week. And I know that the children of barbarians become the new tax collectors and priests. So I don’t know. I suppose we’ve been rolling since the world was round, and time makes dust of what we can’t tear down. And I suppose dead bodies make soil of the ground. But what about what we do now?”

From “Make Total Destroy” by Pat The Bunny

“Who needs governments to get a letter to you
Or a mixtape to me, or a postcard to Johnstown?
What’s a thousand miles between friends?
What’s a friend that’s not worth crossing a country?

And the past was a mine field
Right now is a prison break!
I hope we make it alive.
When who we are doesn’t stop where the law begins
Then we’ll storm their court houses to survive!

So I won’t, but we shall overcome someday!
I can’t do it alone, but I shall be free someday! ”

From “Vampire Are Poseurs (Song For the Living)” by Ramshackle Glory

“Tell me, how do we deal with them now, if that pig who shot Mike Brown never sees a court room? You’ll have mostly the looters to thank for it.”

From “Teenage Anarchist” by Pat The Bunny

“And in my dreams, I am dirty broke, beautiful, and free.
My hands clenched in a fist, and my face in a smile,
After hitching too many miles.

We aren’t revolutionaries,
But we are the revolution.
And sometimes I think that the whole movement is just me and you
And then maybe we’d all be better off, if that were true

Cuz then at least we’d know where we stand
And we could tell our comrades apart from the man

But if the world isn’t that simple
Maybe this town is at least
And if I’m not marching with them for war
I’m sure not marching with you for peace

Class traitor? What fucking ever!
I’m just another middle class kid, too.
But if I’m not gonna change it, I’m good at self loathing
So I’ll class hate myself with you.

May our only occupation be not having a job
May the only cocktails that we make be Molotov”

From “New Mexico Song” by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

“And the cops say its a crime for people like me
and those friends of mine to want to die
like my neighbor in St. Pete
she’s been on house arrest down here
if she tries to leave her yard they’ll lock her in a cage for years.
cause sometimes she wants to die.
and she shoots dope when she thinks she could die
and the law they caught her one too many times
shooting dope when she felt like she could die.

We’re building a new world, all of my friends and me
its not an exact science yet, but we have the technology.
now all we need is an economy
where everybody finally will get enough to eat, even the suburbs
no powers getting too crooked to stand on its own feet for much longer than it has.

So I don’t want to kill a cop,
what I want is neighborhoods where they don’t have to get called
when the shit goes down
cause our friends, they are enough, and our neighbors have enough.
finally we’re enough.”

From “My Idea of Fun” by Wingnut Dishwashers Union

“I don’t believe in cops, bosses, or politicians.
Some call that anarchism,
I call it having a fucking heart that beats!
I do believe in freedom and never giving up.
Call my methods madness or call them luck.
I do what I got to, to feel able to breathe!
And if you quit your job well, you can do a little breathing with me.”

From “Fuck Shit Up” by Wingnut Dishwashers Union

“It was back in community college, it must have been a writing class, and he said something about how we need the cops to protect us. And I snapped.

‘Protect us,’ like the night when you got kidnapped by the pigs. They tore up the house on their way out, so when Scott got home he’d worry you got taken by somebody worse.

I played the show that night, although my blood was fire in my mouth, ‘til he walked into the room – still free, at least for now.”

From “We Were Young Once” by Pat The Bunny

“Seize entire cities, yeah, whole regions of a country. Abolish all police, religion, private property. We’ve done it before; united, we cannot be stopped! Then we’ll all get lined up and shot by fascists, or just Communists and liberals who’ve been waiting all along to become the fascist cops.”

From “We’ll Get Arrested, Or Shot (The Defeat)” by Pat The Bunny

He has retired, so the social media accounts (like @RamshackleGlory) belong to the remaining band members he has worked with.

But if you want to download his music for free, he has left everything here:

If you like it and wanna’ give money consider going through his bandcamp:

“100% of Bandcamp profit is donated to not-for-profit groups. MAY ’17 BENEFITS: Free Software Foundation ( PAST BENFITS: Chogyam Trungpa Chronicles, J20 Legal Defense, OpenSSL, Debian Project, Tor Project, Letsencrypt, No More Deaths, Serenity House Drug”

If you’re just getting introduced to this music, here’s a great guide to getting into it:

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