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Hi, I’m Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended.

I’m a biped carbon-based life form. In my spare time I enjoy walking upright and being warm-blooded, and I’m a Scorpio. I live here [Read more…]

🔴 Part of this wikii because he is unafraid to challenge Islam.

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Mr Condell, who was born in Ireland and lives in London, has attracted lots of criticism, from being called an 'old fart' to receiving death threats. But his fans say he is just speaking the truth.
Find out about Pat Condell: interview at Time Out London, your online guide to what's on in London
"When the truth is against the law, there's something wrong with the law."
An old man with some big opinions about Islam. Heard that one before?
Nobody talks about Islam and jihad with more wit and edge than Pat Condell.
Famous UK video blogger Pat Condell said in his latest blog-blast that millions of people who didn't know the film Fitna existed, have now sought out the video on the internet "after the gross stupidity of the UK cabinet, who are spineless pussies"...
In this video, Pat Condell speaks directly to atheists like me who engage religion seriously. He says: [I've had some criticism] from some atheists who?ve told me? I?m giving atheism a bad name? I?m not contributing to the debate? ?You
I read the Pat Condell interview a few days ago on ' The Freethinker '. There are a few interesting tidbits of information, but chief among ...

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