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Nicholas J. Fuentes is an American nationalist media personality. He hosts the nightly Youtube show, America First which airs live every Monday through Friday at 8pm EST/7pm CST. On Sundays he co-hosts the Nationalist Review podcast with James Allsup available exclusively on Spreaker. He has made appearances on Fox News, NBC’s Today Show, Time Magazine, & is a former contributors at the “unofficial Trump TV,” Right Side Broadcasting Network.

🔴 Part of this wikii because he is a well-spoken, young Trump supporter unafraid to criticize America’s cucking to Israel, but in a tasteful way, without fulfilling hateful stereotypes.

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"I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged," he says after anti-Muslim rant.
Eighteen-year-old is a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump and believes multiculturalism is a cancer
Watch the video in the article. Seems like he went to Trump University. Makes Scott Disick seem like a cool guy.?

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