Mr. Dapperton

#Libertarian #AnCap #AnarchoCapitalist
#ProFreeSpeech #ProTrump #Independent
#AntiSJW #American #Skeptic #YouTuber

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I am a Libertarian / Ancap who makes fun of Black Lives Matter, Feminists, and people afraid of liberty.
? Part of this wiki because he is an anarcho capitalist who makes anti-SJW content.

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The top post on the trending page is sweetsssj talking about olives. Erm... WHY? Have none of you experienced? by business
Guys, this character is NOT Anarchyball. This character is called Mr Dapperton, he's a spin-off of Anarchyball. The Youtube channel name has now changed from Anarchyball to Mr. Dapperton. There is a few good reasons why this change occured, hopefully you guys don't freak out and burn me at the stake. from Facebook tagged as Anarchyball Meme
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