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A GenX/Millennial Scottish guy pontificating about the world we live in, and are heading towards.


🔴 Part of this wiki because he eloquently fights anti-White racism.

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Latest Videos:

Xurious – Re-Imagine featuring Millennial Woes

(Song banned on all platforms so we re-uploaded it here. Right click here and choose “Save Link As…” to download.

Colin Robertson, 34, pictured, from Linlithgow, outside Edinburgh, has recorded more than 600 videos for his 20,000 followers over the past three years, many from his bedroom.
We unmasked Colin Robertson yesterday and Hope Not Hate say he should face a police investigation.
Extremist Colin Robertson, 34, from Linlithgow, has amassed 20,000 followers who soak up his pathetic white supremacist views as he promotes hatred of black people, Jews and women
I'm not usually one to cry about someone getting doxed, as you guys know. But at least have a decent reason. And don't lie about said reason, either. If you're doxing someone because you hate their politics, then just say so. There's no need to misrepresent them, just come out and admit that you hat
LAST week the wider world met Colin Robertson the Scot, who through his alter-ego Millennial Woes, has for the last three years been broadcasting?
Colin Robertson of Linlithgow, Scotland did not want you to know who he is the Millennial Woes, the racist blogger against race mixing but ambivalent about bestiality. He seriously did not want you to know that. Oh well? A White [...]
There is little remarkable about the deathly quiet, Wimpey Home suburbia of Linlithgow, located in the rolling hills of West Lothian around 12 miles west of Edinburgh. Well kept driveways, estate c?

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