Mercedes Carrera

#ProCarlyFiorina #Erotica #PornStar #AntiSJW
#Libertarian #ConstitutionParty #Conservative #Independent
#ProMilitary #Engineer #MILF #ProGamerGate
#AntiFeminist #Model #ProFreeSpeech #PuertoRicanAmerican

Mercedes is a biracial American porn actress who became known for her political views during the GamerGate fiasco. She made a viral video ranting about the hypocrisy of modern day feminists/SJW’s and things snowballed from there. Earlier in her life she was an engineer and decided to do porn around age 30. Although she supported Carly Fiorina in the primaries, and has admitted to not being a big fan of Trump, she still defends him along with Mad Dog Mattis, military veterans, the 2nd amendment, and free speech. She is not the “damaged goods” stereotype of an adult film star; perhaps her “normal childhood” in a 2 parent household with a military father are what shaped her into the right-winger that she is today.

 ?  Part of this wiki because she is pro free speech, antiSJW, antifeminist, and conservative. 

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