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Lushsux is a graffiti artist who often paints political and “polarizing” artwork, but he doesn’t delve into his politics in interviews. Therefore, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where he stands on issues aside from some 4chan/Sam Hyde dog whistles. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say he is right of center, and if nothing else, an equal opportunity troll.
 ?  Part of this wiki because he criticizes Islam, Democrats, and is seemingly pro Trump.

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Entrevista a Lush (@lushsux)


Bombing with Lush. (Graffiti documentary).

Lushsux Melbourne Street Art – Kangaroo V Man

[News] WTF – Controversial Street Artist’s Instagram removed for “Stupid Sexy Hillary” mural?

Mural appears of Trump at West Bank barrier

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"The world's first meme artist" talks creative inspiration, social media censorship and manipulating the masses.

Lushsux, the controversial Melbourne street artist, talks to Lateline about sexism in art and what he thinks of his critics.

A graffiti artist has covered a mural of Hillary Clinton in a swim suit with an Islamic niqab after he was threatened with a fine.
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