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Personal Bio
Lauren Southern is a Canadian far-right political activist, book author, and internet personality associated with the alt-right. She worked for The Rebel Media, a far-right online media company based in Canada, until leaving in March 2017. Southern continues to work independently and publishes videos on YouTube. In 2017, she supported the nativist group Defend Europe opposing the action of non-governmental organizations committed to save-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean.
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With her anti-migrant misadventures in the Mediterranean, the far-right Canadian YouTuber finally crossed the line.
LAUREN Southern has blasted Islam, immigration and dubbed Black Lives Matter an ?ethnic terrorist organisation?. But it appears that posting pictures of overweight hedgehogs were the fi?
Lauren Southern, a reporter with The Rebel, claims she got into a “huge confrontation” with individuals involved with the SlutWalk march in Vancouver after she held a controversial sign with ...
He says she'll be able to appeal, once they establish a process for doing so.
Lauren Southern has denied rape culture exists, faked transitioning genders and denounced Black Lives Matter?s ?fascistic tendencies.? She?s more popular than ever
Austrian activist Martin Sellner, the leader of Defend Europe, made his first trip to the United States this week to spend time with American and Canadian figures from the right, including Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern. We met up with the three of them to discuss the parallels and differences on each continent?s ?new right? ?
In one of the greatest Saturday Night Live skits, a spoof toy advertisement attempts to sell the audience on a product called Happy Fun Ball. The joke comes when the actual portions of the ad devoted to talking up the toy are eclipsed by increasingly surreal product safety warnings tinged with Lovecraftian horror. The funniest, ?
Dear Lauren, In the last couple days, I have seen your video ?Why I?m Not a Feminist? pop up a few times. In the video, you describe why you are not a feminist. At the heart of your message is the ?
A Lauren Southern at the University of Minnesota Thursday night ended with Antifa members allegedly assaulting two conservative students.
This coming Wednesday, the alt-right is bringing Lauren Southern back from a failed hate flotilla in the Mediterranean to our backyard to spew her xenophobic garbage at the Willey auditorium. University of Minnesota president Eric Kahler has decided the best way to respond to stickers depicting ovens from The Right Stuff and flyers from violent... Read Full Article
The 22-year-old, Canadian, right-wing YouTuber Lauren Southern gave a speech Thursday night at University of California, Irvine titled ?The Truth About the Migrant Crisis.? She explained how she became involved in the immigration debate and why she is so passionate about it.
Crowdfunding platform accuses activist/journalist of actions that could result in deaths. || Chris Beck
What responsibility do mainstream journalists have when reporting on the antics and ideas of far-right provocateurs?
Instagram has restored popular conservative commentator and author Lauren Southern's account, claiming it was removed "mistakenly."
On May 22, 2017, Lauren Southern, while walking the streets of London, commented that she is always on the lookout for "trucks of peace." The comment was referring to the new trend among Ort

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