Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigrade (人狼)

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Jin-Roh is an anime film that takes place in an alternate history 1950’s Japan, where Germany has taken over. It follows the path of special units officer, Kazuki Fuse, and his run ins with counter terrorism.

 ?  Part of this wiki because it is heavily militaristic, focuses on personal responsibility, and has some of the most famous “Right Wing Death Squads” scenes ever referenced. 

Trailers / Music Videos

“Jin Roh english trailer HD”

“The Lone Wolf (Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster)”

“C Y B E R N ∆ Z I – Guardians of Europe”

Reviews / Analysis


“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade – DEMO’s Anime Review”

“Morality in Jin-Roh’s Intertext”

“Digging Deeper into ‘Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade'”

“Jin Roh and the Kerberos Saga” (Live Action movie review)

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