Jean-Francois Gariépy

#ProTrump #NeuroScientist #Independent #ClassicalLiberal
#Scientist #RaceRealist #FrenchCanadian #Skeptic #YouTuber

Personal Bio
I am born in 1984 in a smalltown of the Province of Quebec, Canada named Sainte-Sophie. Biology, music, mathematics and archeology were some of the interests that I developed very early during my childhood. As a teenager, I was interested in the observation of fish reproduction in captivity. Beta fishes, Pterophyllum, Gouramis, Poecilia are some of the fishes from which I could observe courtship, nest-building and breeding behaviours. Parallely, I also developed interests for computer programming. Texas Instrument scripts, Matlab, QBasic, Html, Javascript, PHP and MySQL are some of the languages that I used during different parts of my life.[Read more…]



🔴 Part of this wikii because he is pro Trump and unafraid to explore the forbidden knowledge of race.

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