Irony Bros

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Alt Right National Bolshevik sketch comedy trio that make DIY social commentary videos. Their motivations and political viewpoints are hard to pin-down because they don’t take themselves too seriously and are saturated in 15 layers deep of “it’s just a meme, bro.” So in this regard, they seem to be in the same camp as lolcow-milker extraordinaire, Mister Metokur. Except they clearly have a vendetta against the Alt Right whereas Mister Metokur is mostly aligned with the Alt Right. Apparently the beef started when one of the members had a falling out with Identity Evropa. They may seem blackpilled but they have spoken in favor of Nick Fuentes and appeared on his show on several occasions, so maybe to them they are just helping to clean up the movement via bullyciding? Who knows? Just search “nazbol” and/or “irony bros” if you care about e-celeb drama. For now, skim around below and see what you think.

🔴 Part of this wiki because they are edgelords for better or for worse.

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