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Gavin Miles McInnes is a Canadian writer, actor, comedian, co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine and host of The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media. He is a contributor for The Rebel Media and Taki’s Magazine, and was a frequent guest on television programs on Fox News and TheBlaze. McInnes has been called “the Godfather of the Hipster movement” and “one of hipsterdom’s primary architects.”

Since leaving Vice in 2008, McInnes has become increasingly known for his right-wing political views. He is the founder of Proud Boys, a far-right men’s organization.

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McInnes' beliefs?already being echoed in Trump?s White House?are about to be elevated to what the Proud Boys founder says is an even greater platform.
The Rebel personality has a lot of thoughts about Jews ? and they're even worse in context.
The founder of 'Vice' was once the definition of hipster. Now he?s trying to scrape out a life, post-magazine
Co-founder of Vice media empire heads Proud Boys, a 'Western chauvinist' group eager to mix it up with violent far-left protesters at raucus U.S. rallies
Eleven people were arrested during a protest at New York University Thursday, police said.
Vice founder Gavin McInnes struggles to walk a fine line between edgy, hip right-winger and something much uglier
The writer, comedian, Vice co-founder and outspoken Fox News regular sounds off to The Hollywood Reporter about the truth behind his controversial persona, threats against his family, the Hollywood?
'It's not up to these students to kick the ass of a neo-nazi! They don't have to raise their fist! They were taught to be peaceful! Fuck you!'
At Conservative Review we are dedicated to conserving the principles this country was founded upon. We are in an active pursuit of truth and we want to serve like-minded Americans by providing a place to be better informed about the stories that matter to you.
Since leaving VICE in 2008, Gavin McInnes has become a far-right troll for Fox News and other outlets of online extremism. How did this happen?
BUST is a magazine and website that provides news, entertainment, celebrity, lifestyle, and fashion from a feminist perspective.
Even more effectively than the white nationalist alt-right, the alt-lite distorts the truth to spread the vile narrative of a "white genocide" in America.
It looks like Gavin McInnes' actions have finally caught up with him. Last week, there's a good chance that a horrifyingly transphobic article titl...
Antifa are there now, but as far as we know Gavin and his crew isn?t....
The founder of an organization whose members interrupted an Indigenous ceremony used a CBC interview to spread misinformation about the history of the Mi'kmaq?

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