Vladimir Jaffe (Former Soviet)

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Vladimir Jaffe was born and raised in the Soviet Union. He left the USSR in the early 1980s due to widespread anti-Semitism and persecution, being Jewish and not in good standing with the Party or government. He is the owner of Palace Imports and an active member of the New York Tea Party. He gained notoriety after videos of his confrontations and dialogues with Occupy Wall Street protestors went viral.

Personal Rant

1. There have never existed Socialist/Communist countries.

2. Countries that use these words or claim to have such system are ALL in reality Totalitarian Dictatorships.

3. Only 2 such countries remain today: North Korea and Cuba. Used to be USSR, China, Cambodia, Angola, other.

4. The best political litmus test to see where country belongs to is to see if its citizens can leave it freely: if you get a bullet in the back of your head trying (like crossing the Berlin Wall), it’s a Totalitarian Dictatorship a.k.a. “Socialist” or “Communist”.

5. Capitalism fails in countries where private property, intellectual property laws are lax; corruption is high.

6. You can see where your country belongs based on 2 indexes: www.internationalpropertyrightsindex.org/ranking and www.heritage.org/index/ranking (top 3: Finland, Sweden, Switzerland/ Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia; bottom 3: Venezuela, Libya , Yemen/Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea. Scandinavian countries are NOT Socialist!)

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