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Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher is the host of the YouTube show Fleccas Talks featuring interviews at protest rallies. The interviews feature clueless Leftist radicals with rational and well educated libertarians and conservatives. Fleccas Talks is combatting the ALT-LEFT and the hypocrisy within the MSM and it’s snowflake coddling agenda.
🔴 Part of this wikii because he is a pro free speech independent voter open to having dialogue with those of opposing viewpoints.

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On Sunday, Antifa members took to the streets of Laguna Beach, California, to presumably protest President Donald Trump and the so-called “alt-right” in response to the Charlottesville rally-turned-fatal riot last weekend. But when reporter Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher hit the scene to let the protesters speak for themselves, most of the protesters were clueless as to […]
<b>Paul Joseph Watson </b>| Claim Trump is "racist," unable to provide any examples.
Antifa members took the streets in Laguna Beach, California, Sunday to protest President Donald Trump after his widely criticized response to the white nationalist'auto', {'sampleRate': 2}); } var utmCampaignData = null;// ADD REFERRER AS SOURCE IF SOURCE IS NOT PRESENT OR IF ISN'T URL UTM if(utmCampaignData && (utmCampaignData.dataSource !=
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the skeletons in other people's closets have been coming out.
Despite the cancellation of the ?Free Speech Week,? which was allegedly going to star Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Steve Bannon, a bunch of social justice activists converged on Berkeley to protest anyhow. So YouTube personality Fleccas, real name Austen Fletcher, arrived on the scene to learn firsthand what all those outraged activists were specifically [?]
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stopped by The Sean Hannity Show this week to weigh-in on their breaking story claiming Obama-era officials...
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