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Emily Youcis, (pronounced “you-kiss”), is an underground Alt Right animator. She is the quintessential starving artist archetype, who sacrifices success for her principles. She used to work as a “pistachio girl” at Philadelphia ball games until she was called out for her “extreme” right wing views/online presence and fired. Currently, she is working on her feature length troma film while also working as a beer vendor and taking time to appearing at various political events. (She gets censored and banned frequently, so please notify us if any of the links below aren’t working. Thank you.)
 ?  Part of this wiki because she is an Alt Right cartoonist who challenges anti-white racism.
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Latest Videos:

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Emily Youcis, 26, was sacked from her job of selling snacks at Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies, after it was revealed she supported a white supremacy group.

[UPDATE:] Patreon banned her.
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“Official Alfred Alfer Film Trailer”

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