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Electre is a French nationalist activist, artist, & former porn star. Activiste nationaliste Française totalement dévouée à reconquérir l’Occident, une vérité à la fois. “

 ?  Part of this wiki because she has the balls to fight for her country when the rest of her kin stand idly by while it’s destroyed from within. 

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“La France Bouge – Electre Edition 2017 (FR/EN)”

“Kroc Blanc – Berserker”

“La France Bouge – Electre Edition 2017 (FR/EN)”

“Le mot de Jean-Marie”

“ElectreLive 1 : Hollande démission, médias manipulation !”

“We need to talk. (VOSTFR)”

“A message for all patriots, from France. FR/EN”

“How the Paris Riots Started & How to End It”

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