Curt Sibling

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Curt Sibling is an anonymous anti-SJW cartoonist from the UK. For some reason he likes to troll Bronies so that’s a reoccurring theme other than poking fun at social justice warriors. He’s most famous for the gas chamber pic he made in 2013 that was turned into a meme in 2016:

Personal Bio

Curt Sibling is a cartoonist living in the ruins of the British Empire. He produces silly cartoons with a variety of themes, like swords and sorcery, tentacled cosmic terrors and oddball humour. He also works on various comic book projects, including “McReptile”, “Pega Mega Adventures”, “Megaskank Mansion”, “King Evil”, and “Total Fear.”

Current Residence: United Kingdumb
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Shell of choice: 88mm Anti-Tank
Skin of choice: Dead Pony Skin
Favourite cartoon character: Axa
Personal Quote: “Yog-Sothoth!”

 ?  Part of this wiki because he makes anti-SJW cartoons.

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