Dave Cullen (Computing Forever)

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Dave Cullen is an Irish YouTuber who started doing tech reviews, and then gradually made more and more political videos until it became his main focus. Lately, due to Google’s Orwellian censorship and the left’s utter destruction in the market place of ideas, Dave has gone full circle and started doing more tech reviews again. He is part of the skeptic community, but one of its most conservative members.

Somewhat of a Jordan Peterson type: violently opposed to any forms of Marxism, and with a great respect for the traditions, (many based in Christianity), that provide him the secular, capitalist, and individualist society he relishes. Keeping up to date with news can be depressing; if you can’t laugh at it, you’ll just cry. So why not take a peek below to chuckle at one of Dave’s most recent “Regressive News” episodes?

Personal Bio

Computing Forever is a channel dedicated to talking about Technology & Social Commentaries. You’ll find tech reviews, discussions about politics, future technology, gaming Top 10s, vlogs and criticisms of social justice, political correctness and hyper consumerism. I approach my content with a critical eye and a skeptical mind.

 ?  Part of this wiki because he redpills people on immigration, culture, feminism, marxists, religion, etc.

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