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Catholic apostolate based in Detroit, MI that is dedicated to informing and educating Catholics about the One True Faith through digital media.

🔴 Part of this wiki because they are right wing and anti-degenerate.

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Let me say first that I abhor homosexuality, in the same way as I abhor sexual perversion of all kind. To me ? as to countless generations of Christians before me, not to mention a vast numbe?
Those familiar with my criticisms of Michael Voris may be surprised to hear it, but I don?t really think there?s much worth getting worked up about over the r...
Last week I wrote a defense of Michael Voris and Simon Rafe (a defense I stand by, despite what follows). Catholic News Agency was, I felt, jumping on the sto...
The website Church Militant, and its founder Michael Voris is growing in popularity in ultra-conservative circles of American Catholic culture. Voris and his followers are now targeting Father James Martin, for writing a book urging compassion for...
Ferndale-based, Catholic fringe group wants to tear down wall of church and state
A growing number of conservative Catholics are calling for an investigation into Pope Francis, and some are calling for him to resign.
we are told that Pope Francis will emphasize his areas of agreement with the left over climate change, not Catholic teaching on abortion.

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