Blaire White

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Personal Bio
My name’s Blaire. I create videos making fun of ideologues and cultural marxism. I’m a social and political commentator on Youtube. People have really strong opinions about me.

🔴 Part of this wikii because she makes anti-SJW content.

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Latest Videos:

Latest Videos:

This may sound a bit offensive. But it needs to be said.
Trans YouTuber Blaire White disingenuously claims to favor intellectual honesty. Her videos demonstrate anything but.
?The left is fighting a fight transgender people don't want.? || Chris Beck
With impeccable grooming and incendiary politics, a group of young media commentators is on the rise ? and they?re just getting started. Phoebe Luckhurst unpacks the new look of the Right
In today's "Meet The Artist," we spoke with conservative trans vlogger Blaire White about her controversial political channel.
Facebook bans YouTube personality Blaire White for slamming social justice activists tech news at BGR India
If they knew basic logic, she'd lose most of her subscribers.

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