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Bill Mitchell is a political commentary program host. He is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter. Mitchell’s career was as an executive recruiter when he began tweeting political commentary in 2015. In 2016 he launched his broadcasting career. With over 230,000 followers on Twitter, he is considered one of the most influential political voices in social media today!
? Part of this wiki because he is pro Trump and one of the only ones who accurately predicted the inaccuracy of the pre-election polls.

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Donald Trump's unconventional candidacy has dragged together a ragtag band of boosters, a new celebrity subclass born out of online obscurity. Bill Mitchell, online radio upstart and Trump's unofficial Twitter mascot, is its king.
As the final weeks of the presidential campaign devolve into accusations of conspiracy and fraud, the most talked-about Trump supporter might be a poll-hating Twitter pundit who has no official role w
Bill Mitchell tried to explain his political views in an interview with Business Insider at last week's Deploraball in Washington, DC.
Bill Mitchell is the host of a conservative online talk radio show and one of the few pundits to accurately predict the rise of Donald Trump. In post-election retrospect, the man Buzzfeed says ?owned? the liberal media seemed to possess some sort of awful precognitive powers. Turns out he was just a lucky idiot.
Bill Mitchell could be Donald Trump?s most loyal defender, an online avatar with more than 205,000 Twitter followers, including adviser Kellyanne Conway. As Trump made his improbable rise to the White House, Mitchell built a national following of his own ? 140 characters at a time.
Comedian Seth Rogen trolls conservative radio host, Bill Mitchell, via Twitter, and hilarity ensures--along with a few fake meetings.
The Alt-Right is going to be the Alt-Right
Conservative radio host and prominent Trump supporter had an explosive talk with John Ziegler yesterday, which ended when he hung up in the middle of their conversation.
YourVoice America Show with Bill Mitchell: Attorney General Sessions Goes After Leakers | Trump Economy | Fake News MSM Failing and Leftist Conspiracy Theory Russia Hysteria and more... SHOW NOTES: YourVoice America Show with Bill Mitchell now streaming on Facebook, Periscope and Twitter. Follow Bill Mitchell on Twitter: @mitchellvii LEAKERS BEWARE: Jeff Sessions is coming?
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