Barbara Horvat (Barbara4u2c)

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Personal Bio
Barbara Horvat (Barbara4u2c) is a YouTube vlogger with more than 100,000 subscribers on her Barbara4u2c channel. Her channel displays a wide range of vlogs, many demonstrating the comedic differences between America and Europe, particularly her home nation of Slovenia.

She originally started posting videos to YouTube in 2007. She began to gain a following posting  [Read more…]

🔴 Part of this wiki because she is anti-SJW.
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Latest Videos:

Latest Videos:

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Barbara Horvat(Barbara4u2c) shines wih passion in this interview with the Entrepreneur Power Hour. Barbara takes the audience on a journey to her eailer acting days and how she started an epic youtube career that has inspired multiple people to laugh, learn and even help others attain better health. Barbara share some amazing tips on how to make engaing youtube videos for new youtubers looking to build an audience of thier own and create their own success on camera. IF you like funny videos, educational videos, or just want to learn more about how to create an awesome youtube following this is an interview you cannot afford to miss!!! You can Find Barabara At To Donate To Barabara's Amazing Acting Career Go To
Tokrat sem se odpravil na intervju z najbolj znano Slovensko YouTube-rko Barbara4u2c oziroma Barbaro Horvat, kakor so jo poimenovali njeni star?i, in moram priznati, da me je simpati?na mladenka prevzela, kajti je zelo preprosta 21-letnica, ki je na najve?jem portalu z videoposnetki prisotna ?e 7 let, in iz leta v [?]
Fun facts: before fame, family life, popularity rankings, and more.
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