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You may know me from the hit TV Show Happy Days. Also I was maced in the face by Antifa thugs in Charlottesville. Anyways, I’ve been working on a new project called In The Thicc on my youtube channel which I want to be a funny red pilled TV show, I play video games, and make right wing political content. I want to make people laugh and provide more positive feel good content that reaches a larger audience and brings new people to our message. I also just like to have fun and motivate people.
🔴 Part of this wiki because he fights anti-male racism and helps to popularize conservative sentiments.

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Tim "Treadstone" Gionet, aka Baked Alaska, was not always a supporter of President Donald Trump.
BuzzFeed, the outlet behind the infamous and absurd ?Golden Showers? dossier, has more than a bit of disdain for President
This investigation just hit to be one of the biggest operations of any election and the hijacking of Donald Trump?s social media. Many high profile people involved, including well known publi?
Baked Alaska received death threats for his tattoo featuring Donald Trump and the phrase 'Make America Great Again'.
Supporters of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump have appropriated the phrase "basket of deplorables" - used by Hillary Clinton during the campaign to pillory some of his backers - to plan an inauguration party called the "Deploraball."
Many alt-right figures are going to extraordinary lengths to explain away the former Breitbart editor's "pro-pedophilia" comments.
White nationalist Richard Spencer accused organizers of the DeploraBall of promoting themselves at the expense of ideology.
I was busy doing the #Killstream last night, so I didn't get to see any of Baked Alaska's shitshow as it was going out live. But, I caught up on things today, and was bad. Let's take a look at the visuals, shall we? OK, a lot of influencers who are doing a lot of good things are really a

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