Army Cadence

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If you are having trouble reaching your fitness goals, this is the ultimate motivator. Even if you’re a non-interventionist libertarian, or an anti-neocon Alt Righter, you can still enjoy the contagious energy from these chants. Some of the cadences are a bit specific when they mention the Marines or the Vietnam War, but many of them are just ambiguously motivational. For example, “Feelin’ Good,” “Mile 10,”  “Fired Up“, and “Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya.” Albeit a few mentions to military lingo. Most of the slang you can ignore, but you’ll hear “P.T.” a lot, so it’s worth knowing that it means Physical Training. Try incorporating the extended “Hard Work” version into your jogging playlist, then explore from there.

 ?  Part of this wiki because it is the ultimate in patriotic music, very motivational, and straight edge.


Hard Work 30min Version:

YouTube Running Playlist:

YouTube Slow March Playlist:

Soundcloud (Low Quality/No Ads) Playlist:

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