Armoured Skeptic

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“Armoured Skeptic” is a YouTuber and part of the “skeptic community” of vloggers. As to be expected, they are not a hive mind and their political views are scattered around, but they share a hatred for SJW’s and a love for questioning authority.

Personal Bio:

“I’m no political activist. I do not belong to any movements or groups. I merely like to share my opinions on those who do.

Skepticism is not about promoting ideas, it’s about putting ideas to the test. The only good ideas are the ideas that can survive skepticism.

I am not a conservative. The reason I am so hard on the left is because I’m a member of the left. I like to make fun of the right and creationists, but I take my skepticism of the left very seriously.

I’m not Anti-Religion, Anti-Feminist or an Anti-SJW, I am Anti-Authoritarian. It just so happens that religious people and feminists tend to be authoritarian.”

 ?  Part of this wiki because he makes anti-SJW content.

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