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American Renaissance was published as a monthly print magazine from October 1990 through January 2012. All back issues are available here. AR has had a web presence since 1994, and we consider to be the Internet’s premier race-realist site. Every weekday we publish articles and news items from a world-wide race-realist perspective.
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Jared Taylor Bio
Samuel Jared Taylor (born September 15, 1951) is an American white nationalist and white supremacist. He is the founder and editor of American Renaissance, a white supremacist magazine. Taylor is also an author and the president of American Renaissance’s parent organization, New Century Foundation, through which many of his books have been published. He is a former member of the advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly, and a former director of the National Policy Institute, a Virginia-based white nationalist think tank. He is also a board member and spokesperson of the Council of Conservative Citizens.
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🔴 Part of this wikii because he is an OG in the battle against anti-white racism.

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From Richard Spencer to Steve Bannon, today's radical-right leaders are a well-read group who cloak their xenophobic ideas in selected passages of literature, history, philosophy and science.
?Race realism?, ?Trump report card? and call for a white ?ethnostate? among themes at the American Renaissance conference in Tennessee
White supremacy and 15th-century polygenics live on at shockingly ugly American Renaissance foundation conferences
The white extremist group American Renaissance is set to hold a conference at Montgomery Bell State Park in Dickson County.
“We built a wonderful country that your ancestors could not have [built]."
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Editor of American Renaissance, Jared Taylor sits down with ABC News' Amna Nawaz on "Uncomfortable" for a blunt discussion of race and racism in America.

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