Alternative Hypothesis (Ryan Faulk & Sean Last)

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Alt Hype Bio [is about finding] an alternative to the status quo perspective on issues like race and diversity. We take empirical evidence very seriously, so expect a lot of it. Anyway, here is a quick Q&A addressing common questions people have about the site.

We have broad overview articles which briefly explain our views on topics such as ethnic diversity, race and crime, race and intelligence, etc. [And on the other hand] we also have narrower articles which deal with single issues in greater depth. Both kinds of articles can be accessed by [Read more…]
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The “alt-right” rose to prominence sometime between 2014 and 2016. While we did not start [our] website until 2016, both of us who run [the] site (Sean Last and Ryan Faulk) were writing about racial issues considerably before 2014. (Sean started in 2009 and Ryan started in 2007). We were doing this before the alt-right was a thing.

That being said, we exist within the online community of people which has become the alt-right, we know many people who run notable alt-right sites, and our ideology exists within the alt-right if one has a “big tent” conception of the movement.

🔴 Part of this wikii because they use facts and stats to argue their Alt Right stances.

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