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Alex Jones has built infowars from the ground up putting profits back into the company to continue to grow exponentially. Alex has never taken a loan and is not beholden to advertisers, investors or any other group that could censor or influence his position. The listeners and viewers are Alex’s partners and he has vowed to honor their trust and always remain truly independent.[Read more…]
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Alex Jones and his team of InfoWars reporters are breaking down the electronic Berlin Wall of media control by reaching millions of people around the world – with more waking up every day. Circumventing the dying dinosaur media systems of information suppression, Infowars and the Alex Jones Channel are a beacon of truth in a maelstrom of lies and deception. You have found the tip of the spear in alternative media – Infowars is on the front lines in the battle to reclaim our rights, dignity and our destiny by exposing the control freaks who seek to turn the globe into a prison planet.
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"You could grab a bottle for around $10 and skip the 2X+ price markup from Infowars," one lab review reads.
The site worried about the government turning the frogs gay is poisoning their customers.
Trump trades heavily in imaginary events and conspiracy theories—including from Web sites like Infowars.
The 43-year-old alt-right media personality made the controversial claims on Thursday during an 11-minute podcast on InfoWars, his internet channel.
Advertisers, viewers don't show up for Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones.
Expert video editor and 21st-century satirist Vic Berger has made a lot of hay out of exposing the far-right for how ridiculous it truly is. Whether it?s Pastor Jim Bakker, conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, or President Trump himself, Berger is able to use his targets? own words and mannerisms against them,?
There is a disinformation program literally for everyone. No matter who you are - what your interests are, what your beliefs are, which way you're focusing - there is a website set up just for you to take you in and to vector your thinking and...

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