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World-renound icon, Adam Carolla is famous for his popular talk show personality on the self-titled podcast “The Adam Carolla Show.” He is also a comedian, an actor, a television host, and maybe lesser known: a writer and even has his own drink called the Mangria. Carolla’s early career included an improv group called “The Groundlings,” KROQ’s “Kevin and Bean Morning Show,” which finally led to the wildly popular “Loveline” (1995-2005) with Dr. Drew. Carolla also often guest stars on Jimmy Kimmel Live (whom he met in 1994 as a boxing trainer in L.A.) and even occasionally writes for the show. His other projects include: “Crank Yankers,” “The Adam Carolla Project,” (a home improvement television show on TLC), as well as “The Car Show” on Speed TV.
The Adam Carolla Show Bio
The Adam Carolla Show is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. Home for the rantings and ravings of Adam Carolla, with Gina Grad on news and with Bald Bryan on sound effects. Enjoy as Adam hangs out with some his pals, like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, and many, many more.

🔴 Part of this wiki because he was one of the founding fathers of conservative alternative media.

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Latest Videos:

A Q&A with the podcast star and New York Times bestseller.
With characteristic salty candor, Adam Carolla speaks with The Interview host Steve Bertoni about his slow rise to stardom and shares tasty anecdotes and words of wisdom along the way.
The comedian is looking to raise $500,000 for his ?No Safe Spaces? film.
With school out for the summer, the House subcommittees on Intergovernmental Affairs and Health Care, Benefits, and Administrative Rules held a joint hearing Thursday morning to address the challenges to freedom of speech on college campuses.
Adam Carolla has made several names for himself over his 25-year career in Hollywood: television and radio host, comedian, best-selling author, podcast pioneer, filmmaker, and race car driver. In recent years, the latter two roles have come together in the form of a pair of documentaries that delve into iconic?but underexplored?stories from the racing world, [?]
Comedian Adam Carolla settles a lawsuit filed by a high school friend who accused him of cheating him out a share of his popular podcast.
Radio-and-TV personality Adam Carolla stumbled into podcasting and immediately became its No. 1 star. Now he?s launching his own broadcasting network. Inside the messy birth of a new medium.
Carolla, of ?The Man Show? and ?Loveline,? will lead his new podcast master class at the Irvine Improv on Saturday, Aug. 5
The comedian and author sounds off to Salon on political correctness and why Asians prove discrimination is a lie
Hollywood?s political agenda may scare some people away from sharing their views, but comedian Adam Carolla said that has not stopped him from teaming with radio host Dennis Prager to create a documentary called ?No Safe Spaces' which aims to show the truth about what?s happening on college campuses.
Listen to this episode of the Moment with guest Adam Carolla:
The comedian and podcaster is being shaken down for $3 million by a company that claims he violated a patent from 1996 that covers podcasting. His court battle in September of this year will be a make-or-break moment for the podcast world.
Ben Shapiro and Adam Carolla testify before Congress about free speech on campus.
Adam Carolla has joined the ranks of the numerous comedians?mostly male, mostly white?defending America?s college campuses from the hated ?snowflakes? that flurry all over them these days, ruining higher education with their constant demands for their personhood to be acknowledged or treated with respect. In order to?
Spike is teaming with Adam Carolla and the producers of ?Talking Dead? for a new live series that will star Carolla, the network announced Thursday. Launching in 2017, ?Adam Carol?
WASHINGTON ? Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio?s statue commission belongs in the toilet. He says he can?t understand the outrage the mayor and other?
Paste spoke to Carolla and Florentine about the series' 15th anniversary, the process of pranking, and the calls they couldn't air.
"You can't put students in a bubble and expect them to come out stronger,? Adam Carolla says.

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