Podcast Agenda

This will not be live, everything is pre-recorded and edited to your liking. You have the final say and I will cut out anything you want. In fact, I encourage you to record our interview on your iPhone, just for peace of mind.

No need to prepare, improv natural convo sounds good to me; I will edit out any dead air or coughing/stuttering when possible and let you listen to the final cut before I post it. 

But I’m going for an NPR vibe. I will make 2 versions of each podcast. One will be just music and one will be the interview spliced in with segue media edits. So if you can give me a list of movies/songs before we talk, I can do my homework, and we can have a convo about it instead of me just nodding and saying, “donno’ that band either.” 
The idea, is to have replay value. So after they listen to you talk with mixed in music, later they can repeat just the music when they’re at the gym or on the way to work. And “white pilling” to me doesn’t mean purely optimistic stuff. Being able to listen to cathartic angry/melancholy music that you know another “redpilled” person relates to, can really help people cope and feel not so alone. 
Likewise, I’m okay with people being “blackpilled” but I want to emphasize stoic and pragmatic responses to this. Many people in our movement seem to agree that civilization has to collapse before we can fix things. That’s fine. I generally agree. But instead of having a pity party, I want to focus on the best strategy given this belief. Jared Taylor insists that it’s our duty to wake up as many people as possible before that time comes so we stand a fighting chance. Others push accelerationism. Some MGTOW. etc. etc. 

I just want to be the antithesis to the fear mongering, e-celeb drama, outrage porn stuff that dominates rightwing media.

Here are the questions I like to ask. Pick 3-4 of your favorite and we’ll record for less than 30 minutes.
(If you give me an exact timeline, I’ll even set an alarm and be incredibly respectful of your time. Promise.)



1.) Who are you and how would you define yourself politically? (Brief intro and summary of beliefs.)

2.) Would you like to take this moment to clear up some rumors or misconceptions people have about you? Also, if you want to make any shout outs or reconcile any drama with others in the movement nows the time.

3.) Why do you fight? Why put in the effort you do for the movement? Why not just kill yourself or play video games and smoke pot?

4.) Can you give me a list of songs you enjoy? Not your favorite, just whatever comes to mind.  (Especially ones that you can project a “redpilled” or “rightwing” meaning onto? And if you suggest an entire band, can you suggest an album or two of theirs?)

5.) Any helpful phrases or quotes you tell yourself when the state of Western Civilization gets overwhelming and you feel depressed?

6.) Were there any defining moments in your life that “red-pilled” you? Can you share some anecdotes or cataclysmic events that helped to shape the person you are today? 

7.) Can you give me a list of films/shows you enjoy? Not your favorite, just whatever comes to mind. (Especially ones that you can project a “redpilled” or “rightwing” meaning onto?) Any scenes that stand out in your mind that I could sample for the podcast?

8.) Based on the serenity prayer and/or stoic teachingcan you give your own suggestions for what you think “redpilled” people should consider things they can change and things they cannot change?

9.) Typically, rightwingers view government, modern culture, academia, the entertainment industry, and the international banking system, as the biggest problems with our society today. If you had unlimited resources and power, how would you try to fix these things overnight? Likewise, what do you think are practical things that listeners can do to try and fix these institutions? 

10.) If you could suggest one YouTube video, one book, or one documentary for listeners who are just getting redpilled and want to learn more, what would you suggest and why? 

11.) What was your biggest/hardest redpill to swallow? What’s one you find fun to entertain but are skeptical of? Where do you draw the line? Do you ever wish you could go back to being bluepilled?

12.) Often if you download an entire band’s discography, it can be overwhelming and you may be turned off by their crappier and more esoteric albums. For listeners who enjoyed this conversation and want to check out some of your work, can you suggest a handful of videos/articles of yours that you’re most proud of? (Also, just go ahead and shill all your social media/merch/sites/etc.  right now.)