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    Lili Borden

    • Been watching/listening to a lot of positive media content lately and it’s been a great reminder that our thoughts create our reality.

    • If you want to feel hope for the future, then listen to people speaking about their enduring hope for the future. If you want to feel shitty and hopeless, listen to doomy-gloomy nihilists talking about the end of civilization.

    • Whether or not things go well for us, waiting for them to go wrong is such a waste of time, and a betrayal to yourself and to your ancestors who fought to bring you into the world.

    • Evil is weak. Your mind is powerful – use it as a weapon and train yourself to feel HOPE and you will automatically work to make your thoughts a reality; and you will inspire and influence those around you to do the same… and THAT is how you manifest reality. Magic.

    • And if things still go wrong for us… well, at least you tried, right? And made the most of what you had… and what the fuck else is there to do, really?

    • ~ Woman Of Wyrd

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    DJ WhitePill

    Amen! It’s why I detox from /pol/ and twitter and modern politics in general. Give myself like a month or so often. Just red herrings and wastes of time.

    I must admit I believe in some metaphysical hippy law of attraction shit. But even if that’s all bullshit, placebo has been proven to work and also body language and all that, so you clearly attract others and give off a certain vibe which can affect your future. And morale is crucial in warfare. So I’m all for it. I really like Asha Logos and he talks about that here:

    This you?

    Nice. Keep up the good work.

    “enduring hope for the future”
    Yup. We’re far from done. There may be civil war and balkanization and who knows what. But we will fight on. We will continue, and eventually in the cosmos:

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    Lili Borden

    That is me! Thanks! You can find me on Instagram under the same name….. feel free to give me a like on either platform and share with your friends! Just a boring Hausfrau who gets inspired to inspire once in a while 🙂

    I’ve watched some content from Asha Logos, love their work. You should check out Mimir’s Brunnr on YouTube as well, they’re pagan but you’ll dig it.

    I have to say, I find it funny and awesome that you specifically (DJ Whitepill) responded to my post, because it was binge-listening to your I Know That Feel podcast that inspired me to write it! I just discovered it this week and I cannot stop….  so thank you very much for the inspiring energy on a daily basis! Great guests, and music, and speech clips, and topics! Please keep going!

    (the bit about “Evil is weak” is a direct quote from one episode!)

    (Coming from a pagan perspective I found your Agnostic Apologetics episode really interesting, I like that you covered all sides of the conversation and your inclusion of Survive the Jive and honourable mention to paganism was pretty cool. I love open-minded individuals in search of the truth! And we need more of our brothers and sisters to come together despite religious differences and fight our (((common enemies))) !!)

    The law of attraction is very real, studies of quantum physics continues to prove that, so it’s not just hippy dippy bullshit! Metaphysics are very real! When I was a kid my Dad and I had a conversation about the possibility of the supernatural, aliens, etc… and he said something that I often think about to this day; “dogs are colourblind – they not only don’t see colour, but they don’t know they can’t see it. Its not even a concept they can comprehend. So what could we possibly not know we can’t perceive?”

    Anyways, I could go on and on… thanks again for the great content you put out there for us all! You rock!

    ~ Woman of Wyrd

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    DJ WhitePill

    Thanks a ton! It means a lot.

    The new Murdoch Murdoch AMA has a great section on religion you should check out:


    ( 59:48 – 1:36:50 )

    Yeah, I am definitely not part of the Catholic / Trad faction of the Dissident Right, but they have a lot of great points. I see them as allies and they certainly appeal to the average American much more than Pagans/Atheists do. So more power to ’em. I’m just an agnostic trying to believe in something– anything metaphysical. Hope to get some pagans on later.

    I haven’t given up, just moved countries and went back to school, so things are on pause. But I promise to get back to them.
    I think I will make them shorter though so I produce more and so guests are more likely to take the time to Skype. We’ll see though…

    Cute baby, BTW. Props for actually making a difference in that regard. Unfortunately, can’t say the same for myself yet. And tbh I’m a bit torn between the Trad arguments and the MGTOW arguments on that. Will try to get some of those guys on and see.

    pumpkinface pumpkin head kek pepe birth rates babies

    Stay tuned!

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