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    Today I watched a video by the rapper 6ix9ine. Of course there are thousands of rappers out there making horrible songs and videos…but our hope is that only handful of black kids listen to that shit. But this 6ix9ine fellow had over 190 million views on Youtube (with just one video). Who knows how many views were just white people gawking, but I have a feeling that the majority of the views and fans are black people, probably aged 8 – 28. Why is this so disgusting? The entire video is gangster fucks talking about how they sell drugs, kill people, and abuse women. For some reason Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg don’t find any issues with 12 year old black kids looking up to Mr. 6ix9ine and his bragging about murdering his foes.

    If black kids saw 6ix9ine as a performer and not an idol, this wouldn’t be so bad. But we all know little Jamal will only get respect if he acts and strives to be like a face tattooed gangster.

    And what tops it all, is how every fucking white asshole in America is okay with this. “Its just their culture.” It must be Starbucks managers and statues that are the problem…couldn’t have anything do with this culture.

    Here are some poetic lyrics about women #metoo:

    “She wanna fuck but keep her clothes on, I only want the jaw
    Man that’s really all I use her for.”

    “I don’t fuck with no old hoes, only new hoes
    Put my dick in her backbone, I pass her to my bro
    I don’t love her that’s a sad hoe, she a bad hoe
    I’mma fuck her then I dash home, to the cash hoe”

    If you can stomach this shit:

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    Whatever, ur just a square dude.

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Currently, black culture is what grinds my gears. Its disgusting.