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    I invested a bit in crypto way back when the Chinese banned it and it dropped to $3k. Gonna’ HODL despite the fear mongering. Wanted to buy a house but shits too expensive. This guy did it for only £4,000 though. Living off the grid seems pretty reasonable. Although I believe we are at the end of an empire and some sort of collapse is inevitable, I’m not a batshit prepper and think there’s more productive things to do before thinking too survivaly. Any advice? Anyone get into gardening or self-reliant type things?

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    I’m not worried ( too much ) about real estate and living off the grid ( for now ) .  Trying to focus on fitness.

    I tried fasting a few times and have experimented with a few different work out plans / diets. But after a year of fucking around and having too much chub, I think I’m gonna’ start working with My Fitness Pal, counting my calories again. May come in handy if we go through another depression I guess. You guys work on hunting squirrel and I’ll work on eating squirrel and being satisfied. 😛

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Just somewhere to vent for catharsis. Gets lonely and infuriating hiding your power level all day.